Monday, January 16, 2012

Explain the differences between one-way & Two-way Communication and explain why two-way communication is important for the new communications network

One-way communication is generally the communication that you have with yourself regarding the information you are taking in and analyzing how to use it.  This type of communication is known as intrapersonal communication.  We use this type of communication individually thousands of times each day.

To communicate with other people in our lives, we evoke a response from our 5 senses and perform two-way communication, or what is called interpersonal communication.  This sharing of information between two people also numerous times throughout each day, as we engage with people at home, at work, at restaurants, stores, just about anywhere we decide to go in a days time.

This interpersonal two-way communication is vitally important in today's world.  Having a constant avenue of two-way communication allows us to be inundated with the communications that make up what we call MASS COMMUNICATIONS.  Being able to have a two-way channel of communication allows for us to take in information and provide instant feedback on how we like or dislike what has been shared.  Without two-way communication, networks like Facebook, my space or twitter would not exist.  These mass communication programs rely specifically on each of us wanting to have a two-way communication network with other people in our lives.


  1. One-way communication is also when someone delivers a message to an audience without providing a way for the audience to respond to what is being delivered. Although I like the intrapersonal analysis as well.